COVID-19 Policies

Published 04/13/2020

We want you to know HomePro Inspections has policies in place which promote a safety-first mentality during the spread of COVID-19 (referred to as the Coronavirus).

At HomePro, we are making every effort to help prevent the spread of the virus and we understand that our employees and company policies play and important part of that role.

Some of the things we have instituted such as cleaning our offices, workstations, and washing more often during and between stops will never be seen by you. However, some policies we have started may be noticed, such as not shaking hands when we meet, less face to face meetings, and so forth.

Our HomePro team members, and their families are the best, and go that extra mile for you, but during this time we are asking them to be extra diligent using safety measures, not to work if feeling sick, and to self-quarantine if they or a family member may be sick, or exposed to COVID-19.

In turn, we are asking all buyers and agents who are not feeling well, or who may have been exposed to not attend the home inspection. If you can not attend, our Home Inspector can call you after the inspection to discuss the findings of the inspection and the report. Also to help limit exposure to the virus, we are asking that only those who need to attend the inspection attend.

  • New regulations in place require that all face-to-face customer service individuals must wear a face mask. All inspection attendees will be required to have their own masks. Unfortunately, HomePro Inspections will only be providing face masks for their employees. Anyone without a face mask will not be able to walk with the inspector on the inspection.
  • HomePro Inspections will only be doing inspections in homes where the sellers are not present. We will also be limiting the number of attendees accompanying our inspector. We are taking this step to ensure that we may abide by the CDC and other medical authorities/state’s recommendations of 6 feet of separation.
  • We reserve the right to ask any additional participants to remain outside. Our inspectors have been given the authority to stop the inspection if these conditions are not met. This is not a decision we have made lightly as we know the timelines involved in a transaction. We hope that these are temporary measures.


Please let us know if you have any questions about our policies! Thank you!