New Homeowner Tips!

Published 05/28/2019

Here is a list of tips for our new homeowners! These tips are designed to save money, relieve stress, and to simplify the daunting task of maintaining a home.

  1. Do not remodel your home as soon as you move in

Buying a home is already an expensive process. Though some home remodels are necessary immediately following the closing, such as making the home handicap accessible for those who require it, BUT it is wise to live in your new home for about a year before you begin making alterations. This is because there WILL be unforeseen expenses within the first year. The previous owner of the home did not use your home the same way that you will use it (water use, appliance use, etc.) so if you move in and immediately start making changes, you may find that those changes are extremely costly, and it may affect your wallet in a negative way.

  1. Do not ignore small maintenance items

Your home inspector should have identified various small maintenance items that need repair in your new home. These small items, such as repairing a slightly leaky faucet, acquiring a functioning doorbell, and installing a pressure relief valve on your water heater can save you lots of money and stress in the long run.

  1. Create a monthly home maintenance checklist

Creating a maintenance checklist is helpful because it will remind you to do things that you may forget, or subconsciously avoid doing, such as cleaning gutters, changing air filters, and trimming the shrubbery around your home.

  1. Keep a log of your home improvements

Keeping a log of what home improvement projects you have started/completed, along with the receipts from those projects will ‘kill two birds with one stone.’ First, it will help you as the homeowner to predict what future repairs could cost/how long current repairs will last. Second, this home maintenance log will come in handy if you choose to sell your home, as potential buyers can see how the house has been maintained and be able to predict how much future repairs may cost.

  1. Just hire a professional

As much as HGTV makes it seem like anyone can remodel and repair their own home, it is not always the best way. Sometimes DIY projects cost more than just hiring a professional to do the work and buy the materials for you, because you may have to pay someone to fix the “repair” you did yourself. Obviously, some repairs are okay for DIYers (patio construction, tiling, etc.), BUT please avoid trying to fix potentially dangerous systems yourself, such as altering the electrical, structural, plumbing, or HVAC systems.