Firewood Storage Tips

Published 05/05/2020

When storing firewood, there are many factors that one should consider. These factors range from moisture problems to insect infestation. These are the do's and don'ts of firewood storage, according to a home inspector:

Don't: Store firewood close to your home or any other structure. Not only can stored firewood act as an additional accelerant if there were to be a house fire, but the termites and other wood boring insects within the wood could cause an infestation in your home, which is both expensive and annoying. 

Do: Store the firewood as far away from your home or any structure as possible!

Don't: Store wood directly on the ground. The moisture from the soil will make the wood wet, which not only makes burning the wood more difficult to burn, but if burned in an interior chimney, the wet wood will cause more creosote buildup within the chimney. Also, when wood is stored directly on the ground, it can break apart the wood will stick to the ground.

Do: Store firewood on a concrete slab, asphalt, or a tarp to prevent moisture!

Don't: Stack wet wood against any structure or fence. 

Do: Keep the front and back of the wood pile open for air circulation. This will help to keep the wood dry. 

Don't: Cover firewood completely with a tarp or any other covering. Doing this will cause a lack of air circulation, which will create wet wood yet again. If you feel you must cover the wood, only place a tarp on the very top to allow air circulation on either side. 

Do: Choose a sunny spot to stack your firewood. Sunshine = dry wood!


Follow these guidelines for a successful wood stack!