Client Reviews

5/5 stars

Jenna H:

Excellent!!!! They are professional, knowledgeable, & thorough! We have had home inspections before, and I didn't realize how much quality I was missing out on until our experience with HomePro! I will always call this company moving forward. They explained everything, and even gave me advice on how to care for the pellet stove, furnace, systems, etc...Their report is comprehensive and easy to understand. I felt confident about our negotiations largely in part because of how attentive they were. At the end of the inspection, they got us together in a huddle and we broke everything down together. We had plenty of opportunity to clear up any questions during this time and we got an even more detailed description of the issues. They offer a wealth of information, and left me feeling 100% ready to take care of my prospective home. I feel like I know the house like the back of my hand and I haven't even moved in yet! They also offer a handful of great warranties that we plan on taking advantage of!Hands down, this is the best home inspection company in Rhode Island. You will not be disappointed.

5/5 stars

Stacie L.

As a first time homebuyer I had no idea what to expect for the home inspection. Hank and his team were extremely thorough and helpful in explaining everything to me and including me in the process every step of the way. I received the report the same day and it was very clear and easy to understand. I highly recommend choosing them for your home inspection!

5/5 stars

Alessa A.

Very Professional , As a Real Estate Professional I have had clients that use Hank and his a team and have so much confidence I used them in my own purchase. Highly recommended.

5/5 stars

Carolina M.

Definitely recommend this company. The team provided a thorough home inspection and explaining everything in details. They provided me with my home inspection report the next day. Overall, Very professional team. I would definitely contact them again for any other home inspection.


5/5 stars

Monica V.

Always happy to have Hank do a home inspection! Not only do they do a great job with examining everything inside and out, they clearly explain everything to the new home owner. When the new home owner understands the inspection, it makes the whole home buying experience so much better for them.

4/5 stars

Thomas B.

Hank and Jay were very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. The report was very helpful, and provided a nearly comprehensive list of issues, while also giving general care information.

5/5 stars

John S.

Hank and his team are true professionals. Excellent service. They wrap up the buyer with a very concise and understandable results. No doubt as a buyer you can know you know the condition of the home you are buying. They miss nothing.

5/5 stars

J. M.

I rarely feel like I got my money's worth, but this team was amazing. My family and I have been singing their praises all weekend. The inspection team was five people in total, two of which, Hank and Jay, oversaw everything. They provided a clear explanation at every step and made us a part of the process. As first time home buyers on a short sale, they made us feel very at ease in a very uncertain situation. And the follow-through! You will NOT be disappointed in their diligence, nor their transparency. You get clear, easy to follow documentation in a very sturdy binder... it's truly awesome. I expect to be referencing this for years to keep track of the many home projects that come with new house. I was in real estate and attended dozens of inspections on both sides of the transaction. I've seen many very good companies on RI, but HomePro blew them all away. They are a bit more expensive but they will take their time to do the job the very best it can be done. Call them now! :)